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A Letter from Donna Hyland

When I walk down the halls of our hospitals, there is nothing worse than seeing a child who is lonely, frightened and depressed. Sometimes families can’t afford to take time off to be with their child. But, you simply can’t treat the body, without treating the soul. Thanks to Ronald McDonald House Charities, children get better because their families are there to support them.

But from my vantage point as president and CEO of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, it’s not just the children that need strength. While doctors and nurses are busy caring for the child, many times there isn’t anyone caring for the family. A child’s illness can be debilitating for the entire family – emotionally, financially and physically. RMHC and the Ronald McDonald House program give them more than just a hot meal and a bed to sleep in; families can clear their head and lean on one another when they return to the House each night. It gives parents a fresh start. They gain strength, and are renewed and ready to help their child tackle the treatments, tests and medicine.

Children’s hospitals are very special places that house the best care available for kids – specialized doctors and nurses, specialized equipment and specialized environments, all for children. Not every community has a children’s hospital which means parents will need to travel farther to find the best care. Clearly, the demand for RMHC programs and services remain vital; RMHC will need to grow to meet this demand and they’ll need supporters and donors to help them get there.

Every day, our hospital system is in a battle for these children’s lives. RMHC is a critical member of our team. We focus on what we do best – treating the child. RMHC focuses on what they do best – nurturing the family.

I simply do not know what we’d do without RMHC, which is why I invest my time as a member of the Global board of trustees. Thanks for supporting this amazing organization – with your time, talent or treasure. When considering your planned giving options, please consider making an investment in RMHC.

Donna Hyland
President & CEO
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

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