Landri’s story is one of love. Pure and simple. From her adoption, to her care to the Ronald McDonald House in Camden, New Jersey that made it possible; love has helped her fight, stay strong, put one foot in front of the other and thrive. 
Landri is the youngest in the Hellinga family. After raising seven children, the Hellingas wanted to adopt, and when they heard about Landri, they knew she was their baby. 
Landri was born with a condition called arthrogryposis – multiple joint contractures that impede growth and motor skills. And the best care for her is in Philadelphia, at Shriner’s Hospital, which is about a day’s journey from her home in Bentenville, Arkansas. 
In her three short years of life, she has received no less than 17 surgeries to correct joint issues, traveling back and forth to Philadelphia for periods of six months sometimes. 
“Landri is the strongest person I know,” says Laura. “But so much of her strength and her fight are because of RMHC. It’s like she has her own cheering section at the House, pushing her to keep going.” 
In fact, surgery, treatment, and therapy would not be possible though without the Ronald McDonald House in Camden. Without a place to stay, close by the hospital, hotel costs would have been too expensive for the family to bear. 
“Your support – the love that you share with RMHC and its programs – has made many of the milestones in Landri’s life possible – even her first steps. We are forever indebted to all the people that support Charity’s mission.”