When Kathy Ramey found out she was expecting triplets in 2009, the love for her three daughters grew with each day of her pregnancy. She was excited that her sons would soon have three sisters to play with. On July 13, 2010, at 29 weeks – way earlier than Kathy or her husband expected – her girls were born. Tragically, her daughter Carly passed away and her two other daughters, Joy and Eva, were fighting for their lives in the neonatal intensive care unit. 
While the family rejoiced when Eva came home after two months, they knew Joy faced a longer hospital stay and more challenges, having been diagnosed with end stage renal disease. Her little body needed a new kidney.
The Ramey’s waited for Joy to get stronger desperately hoping that a donor would be found. Their prayers were answered when, after a series of tests, Kathy found out that her kidney was a perfect match for her little girl. 
After the surgery the family stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Oklahoma City so they could be close to Joy and Kathy during their recovery. Kathy remembered, “The Ronald McDonald House was a place that could accommodate our family and offer the kind of hospitality we needed. During our surgeries and afterward, the House provided a haven to our other children, as well as our extended family. The RMHC staff, incredible accommodations and amenities surrounded us with gracious hospitality, comfort and stability. Without you, it would make a very difficult thing even more overwhelming.”
The family rejoiced when Joy’s body fully accepted her mother’s kidney. She is now 3 years old and a true example what a mother’s unconditional love is all about. 
“I felt taken care of and safe, blessed beyond any expectation I may have had. My other children and husband were able to come for visits and play in the play area, read books, and just be together with us.”