On her way to the hospital in the morning, Georgia walks down the hall of the Ronald McDonald House with a big smile and a sassy stride. She waves to staff, volunteers and friends just like she’s a princess on parade. Everyone knows her. Everyone loves her. They wave back and wish her well as she embarks on yet another day of her fight against Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).
One last stop; She grabs a cookie from the big cookie jar in the kitchen. It was stocked again yesterday by Georgia’s favorite volunteer. It’s simple, sweet satisfaction that seems to make Georgia’s smile even brighter as she and her mom head out the door.
Georgia and her mother, Kerry have called the Ronald McDonald House in Spokane ‘home’ for more than 250 days hours away from their home in Montana.
Georgia has been in and out, but mostly in, the hospital fighting a mean kind of cancer for almost a year. It’s been a long road: five rounds of chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, and medicine after medicine. Now that the cancer has returned, the road seems even longer. But somehow, this little three year-old doesn’t let it get her down.
Her heroism and bravery are her own, but the Ronald McDonald House and its loving staff and volunteers continue to help her fight a little harder. They give her support, strength and the best medicine of all – her mom’s hugs and kisses. Because of the House, Kerry has been able to be there the whole time, holding Georgia’s hand, assuring her that it will be okay.
As Georgia continues her fight against AML, she is not only a hero to her brothers and baby sister, she’s a hero to all of us. And every step of the way, RMHC will be there to help her heal. 

“I don’t know what we would have done without the Ronald McDonald House. The people there held me up through some of the darkest times. They played with my kids, they fed us, they never saw us as a job – we were people who received their compassionate care.”  
-       Kerry Jayden, Georgia’s Mom