When you think about La-Z-Boy furniture, you think about comfort – about cozy chairs and sofas and perfect places to take a load off at the end of the day.
You can find families nestled up in La-Z-Boy furniture in millions of homes, but did you also know you can find their unmistakable comfort at Ronald McDonald Houses and Ronald McDonald Family Rooms throughout North America?
Now in its 5th year as the Official Furniture Provider for RMHC, La-Z-Boy has donated over 6,000 pieces of furniture to more than 150 Ronald McDonald Houses and Ronald McDonald Family Rooms across the U.S. and Canada.   
La-Z-Boy’s passion and dedication doesn’t only reside within their corporate offices, the love of giving is also shared by the company’s independent La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, who over the past five years have gone above and beyond in their volunteer, fundraising, in-kind and monetary contributions to the charity.
And this March, many of these Furniture Galleries throughout the U.S. and Canada are running a special promotion in support of RMHC, their charity of choice. 
The Red Hot Home Sale is anything but your average furniture sale. Not only is it an amazing offer for you, but it directly benefits the children and families served by RMHC programs. So how does it work? With just a small donation to RMHC, La-Z-Boy will offer you a discount on their furniture. One hundred percent of your donations will go directly to the local RMHC chapter. Whether you’re in the market to complete your family room or den, you can save while helping your local RMHC Chapter.
“Last year we introduced this promotion to our independent Furniture Galleries and received fantastic feedback” explained Doug Collier, Chief Marketing Officer and President of International at La-Z-Boy. “RMHC is a perfect charity partner for La-Z-Boy and we are extremely pleased to be the Official Furniture Provider.”
* Please contact your local Furniture Galleries location to ensure they are participating in the Red Hot Home Sale.