At RMHC, we pride ourselves in being a first responder to a family in crisis. When their world unravels with the news of a sick or injured child, we are there to pick up the pieces. We strive to be there physically, emotionally and even virtually.
With the introduction of RMHC Connect, a mobile app that gives guest families a means of orienting themselves at their Ronald McDonald House or Ronald McDonald Family Room and within what could be a very new community to them, we continue to expand our network of support, alleviating some of the stress and worry, giving families more peace of mind. 
RMHC Connect allows families to map where they are. It gives them a compass and an understanding of what’s around them: restaurants, grocery stores, parks and landmarks. Families can also access a message board, giving them up to date information about events and happenings at their House.
You don’t have to be a guest family though to get something out of RMHC Connect. Whether you are an RMHC volunteer, fundraiser, or avid supporter, there is something in it for you, getting you a little more connected with your favorite RMHC programs.
So hurry over to the App Store today and get your copy of our new app, RMHC Connect.