On December 19, 2012 my family noticed a lump on my neck. A couple days later, I was medevaced to St. John’s and diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.
My dad and I found ourselves nearly 1,000 miles from our home in Goose Bay; 1,000 miles away from my mom, brother and sister; from my high school, favorite classes, and friends. I had four to six months of cancer treatments ahead of me – radiation, chemo, hospital beds, shots, scars, pain, hair loss, and a wig. Not your typical junior year.
When your world flashes before your eyes and everything becomes an unknown, you can only hope that someone will reach out and help make it better. That’s what Ronald McDonald House Charities did for me. And for my family.
Without a place to stay, they gave us a home. Filled with fear, they comforted us. In need of strength, they gave us a network of support, helping me fight day after day. 
Above all, they gave me my Dad. I knew I needed his support to help me heal and he was there, every day of my battle.  
You’ve got to be strong to fight cancer, and I honestly didn’t think I had it in me. But surrounded by people who cared and who kept pushing me, I found that strength. And I beat cancer