While each Ronald McDonald House is astonishingly unique, they were all designed with one simple premise in mind – to be a warm, welcoming home away from home for families traveling to receive critical care for their child. Equipped with laundry facilities, full service kitchens, playrooms, and lovingly tended outdoor spaces, Ronald McDonald Houses have all the amenities you would find in your own house. And sometimes a little more. 
For Martin, his Ronald McDonald House is outfitted with some extra doses of comfort and care that have helped him overcome his battles with cancer. 
When he was two years old, Martin was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. To get the best care, his family had to travel nearly 160 miles from Joplin, Missouri to Kansas City for surgery and treatments. After spending a day or two at Martin’s bedside, his dad, Phong, learned there was a place to stay close by - a place to regroup and relieve some of the stress.
When Martin and his dad first walked into the Longfellow Ronald McDonald House in Kansas City though, they realized it wasn’t just a place to stay; there was something extra special about it. 
Martin is still going through chemotherapy treatments, and while sometimes his trips to and from Kansas City don’t require an overnight, Martin makes sure his family always swings by his favorite place – the Ronald McDonald House. After a couple rides up and down the elevator, after a kiss from Mr. Bean, and after encouragement and well wishes from all the staff and volunteers, he is off.  Ready to fight cancer knowing that his extended family is always at his side.