Her family immediately moved into the Ronald McDonald House in Atlanta, 90 miles from home. Over the course of a year, India made 40 visits to the hospital. Her undeniable spirit during that year inspired everyone around her. India had complained about severe stomach pains. When her mother, Ruth, touched her abdomen, she felt a large lump, which turned out to be a malignant tumor. The doctor told India's family they had to act fast.

The stays at the Ronald McDonald House varied in length - one stay lasting up to six weeks while India was undergoing daily radiation treatments. When away from the hospital, India could always be found out in the garden or in the playroom. "There was something about the playroom that would take her mind off being weak from the radiation," says Ruth.

After a series of radiation and chemotherapy treatments, as well as surgery, India was diagnosed cancer free. She still returns to Children's Health Care of Atlanta at Egleston every three months for tests. When she does, she stays at the new 50-room Ronald McDonald House, which she jokingly describes as "so big, it's like a Whilte House."