My three-year-old son, Brady, has had extensive medical issues since he was eight weeks old and developed tremendous difficulty eating. Since that time he has been in the hospital – sometimes for weeks at a time – over and over again. After all this time, we understand that we may never know the root cause of Brady’s challenges, but we are thrilled to finally be making progress with a treatment.

For over a year now, Brady has been a patient of Dr. Elizabeth Clawson’s at the St. Mary’s Center for Children in Evansville, IN. This intensive feeding therapy has finally given our family hope and a new outlook on life. We would never be able to access this life-changing treatment if not for the compassion and support of Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Ohio Valley.  Sincere thanks to donors like you!

The Ronald McDonald House in Evansville, IN, has played a monumental role in Brady’s success and progress in his feeding therapy. During the past year, Brady and I have stayed at the House four times, with each visit lasting three to four weeks. Brady’s treatment is very intense – and the House provides exactly what we need to be successful, including a safe and convenient shuttle service that takes us to and from clinic four times a day. 

When we return to the House after a long, exhausting day, Brady is delighted to see his friends, and if he’s lucky – to play with Miss Chelsi’s dog. Thanks to the wonderful staff and volunteers at the House, Brady is comfortable and motivated.  His visits to the clinic no longer stress him out. This is a major accomplishment given that during our stays, we are far from home and apart from my husband Chad and Brett, Brady's eight-year-old brother for extended periods.

The Ronald McDonald House in Evansville, IN, has forever changed our lives for the good. The team there took a very special interest in Brady and me. In the not-so-intense moments, when Brady had the chance to just be a little boy, the House gave him great opportunities to experience the wonder of play. For me, being there with Brady on my own, it was a great comfort to have someone I could ask for help or advice. They truly rallied around us and gave us the strength to cope – even on the toughest days. 

Though we are still on this long journey, we are thrilled that Brady has made such incredible medical improvement. We are forever grateful to RMHC for enabling us to continue on this new, hopeful path. 

Please consider making a donation today to help keep families like mine close when their sick child needs to heal.


Forever grateful,


Sally Haemmerle