It’s funny. We used to pass each other in the hallways at school all the time. We kind of knew each other, but weren’t exactly friends. Now, thanks to a special place called the Ronald McDonald House, we’re friends – very close friends. 
Today, friendship means a lot more to us. While we both have different sets of people who we text and tweet about; who we laugh and dance with, the two of us have something in common that will bond us for life.
This year, while our classmates were going to The Snow Ball, playing sports, and cramming for tests, we were in and out of St. John’s Hospital, nearly 1,000 miles from our homes, fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and staying at the House in Newfoundland and Labrador. Our worlds were falling apart and we were both scared we wouldn’t be able to put the pieces back together again.
At the House, we found each other. We talked about our chemo treatments, radiation, and the excruciating pain. We shared our hopes and fears and inevitably when one of us was feeling weak, the other was strong. We helped each other put the pieces back together again.

Christina made me laugh when I wanted to cry. 
Kayla kept me calm when I was losing it. 
At the House, we found a friendship that fit better than our wigs.
We shared a home and with it, became like family.
This fall, when we went back to school, we were surrounded by our friends, doing all the things that normal teenagers do. But this time, we had the best story to share – the one about two girls getting closer to beating cancer, because they were able to fight it together. 
While we don’t know you personally, we do know that Ronald McDonald House Charities and the people who support it were also part of our fight and the reason we were able to find comfort and strength in one another. Please consider making a donation to RMHC to help girls like us put the pieces back together.
~ Kayla Ash and Christina Dingwell