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    We are thrilled you’ve decided to join our family. Today, you have joined a global movement that enables families to focus on what’s most important – their sick child – while we take care of the rest!

    Your friends at Ronald McDonald House Charities


    Extending the reach and impact of donation dollars to improve the health and well-being of children

    Over the past 25 years, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) has awarded more than $100 million in funding through its Global Grants Program to nonprofits to extend its reach and impact on children’s health and well-being worldwide. As RMHC and our network of local Chapters keep families together and close to the care they need through our core programs, we also work with a select group of nonprofit organizations around the world that are making an immediate, positive impact on children. 

    Beginning in 2017 and throughout 2020, the RMHC Global Grants Program will focus on oral health needs of children ages 0 to 6 in the U.S., and on reducing maternal and child mortality in the first six months of life in Africa, South Asia and Latin America. 

    Maternal and Child Health Initiative:

    We have a history of working with a number of impressive organizations that address the area of maternal and child health. After a careful needs assessment and review of proposals from a select group of previous grantees, we are pleased to announce that the following four nonprofit organizations have been selected to receive RMHC Global Grants:

    • American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) – South Africa: RMHC Global will be supporting this program designed to reduce neonatal and maternal mortality in the Eastern Cape (South Africa) by delivering a holistic training approach that focuses on high quality care of the mother and neonate at the healthcare facility and during transportation. The model includes training front-line health workers, developing and implementing an ongoing mentorship program that will provide technical assistance, onsite practice, training and evaluation support, and emergency transportation to reduce maternal and newborn morbidity and potentially mortality. 

    • Andean Health and Development (AHD) – Latin America: Building on prior RMHC funding that markedly expanded Andean Health’s rural family physician residency program and created a medical simulation center, this new RMHC-supported program will create a self-sustaining, public-private system to strengthen maternal and newborn health services in Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador, and its surrounding provinces. Andean Health and Development will connect four existing public and eight existing private rural facilities led by AHD residency program graduates, strengthen services at those sites through traditional Community Health Workers hired to facilitate access to quality prenatal care and provide education to women and their families about pregnancy and warning signs of complications; establish telemedicine infrastructure with the 12 partner organizations, develop a triage system, and expand capacity of Hesburgh Hospital. 

    • Curamericas Global – Africa and Latin America:RMHC funds will support a program designed to scale-up the organization’s “Casa Materna” model for reducing maternal/neonatal mortality and child stunting in high-mortality regions of Guatemala. RMHC has previously funded this model that constructs culturally appropriate, locally accessible, fully equipped, community-owned obstetric facilities and builds capacity of paid front-line indigenous health works to provide quality routine and emergency obstetric care and malnutrition screening and counseling. The grant will also further build capacity of the organization’s program in Sierra Leone and help it expand to a new area in Kenya. 

    • Lwala Community Alliance – Africa:RMHC Global Grant funding will help expand the community-led health model developed with previous RMHC support. After achieving a 64% reduction in under-5 mortality and 97% facility delivery rate, Lwala was asked by the Kenyan Ministry of Health to expand its model throughout Migori County in Kenya. The RMHC grant will fund the expansion of the model to serve another 1 million people in government facilities, imbed the community-led health structures within the Kenyan healthcare system and drastically reduce maternal and child mortality. To do so, Lwala will expand the Community Health Workers program, deploy certain devices to reduce post-partum hemorrhaging and train clinicians across nine facilities on neonatal recitation and care protocol.

    The RMHC Grant cycle is now closed.

    RMHC Global Grant recipients for the 2017-2020 cycle have been selected. 

    Outside of the United States, RMHC is working to reduce neonatal and maternal mortality in Africa, South Asia and Latin America. Our grant support will help to advance the work of four outstanding organizations: American Academy of Pediatrics, Andean Health and Development, Curamericas Global, and Lwala Community Alliance.

    Please also note that we reserve the right to adjust program guidelines, including submission deadlines and processes, at any time.


    Click here to download a list of past RMHC grants.


    • The Acosta Family Family overlay

      The Acosta Family


      RMHC Gave Us Peace Of Mind

      To Graciela and Jose Acosta, RMHC is nothing short of a blessing.  The family stayed at the Ronald McDonald House near Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital for a month when their son, Santiago was a very sick infant.  As soon as they arrived, a burden was lifted. “When we came to the door something cha... Read more about The Acosta Family

    • The Cepkauskas Family Family overlay

      The Cepkauskas Family


      When “it happens to you,” RMHC is there to help

      Like many young students in Orland Park, Ill., Laurie Cepkauskas collected pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in town. And like her peers, she didn’t do it because she knew exactly what the charity was doing, but because that’s just what students did.  “I really didn’t know anything about it exc... Read more about The Cepkauskas Family

    • The Sharper Family Family overlay

      The Sharper Family


      RMHC has been there for us through the years

      My family’s first experience with the Ronald McDonald House of Durham and Wake was when my son Paris was three years old. After months of trying to figure out why Paris was so ill, we learned that he had restrictive cardio myopathy. The doctors sent us to see heart specialists at Duke Children's... Read more about The Sharper Family

    • The Johnson Family Family overlay

      The Johnson Family


      It's hard to put into words what RMHC has meant to us

      When Noelle Johnson is asked about her son Jordan’s health, she can rattle off the dates of his three heart surgeries, his seven-month stay in the hospital as a newborn, when he got a tracheotomy tube inserted to help him breathe and the nights she’s spent by her 12-year-old’s side every time he’s c... Read more about The Johnson Family

    • The Wehr Family Family overlay

      The Wehr Family


      RMHC helped us cope while our child was hospitalized

      I knew about RMHC before our daughter Autumn was hospitalized, but I had no idea what it would mean to us to be able to stay at the House. I had no idea just how much thought and effort staff and volunteers put into making life easier for families with sick children. Our eleven-month-old daughter Au... Read more about The Wehr Family

    • Ledvina Family Family overlay

      Ledvina Family


      The Reason I Run for Team RMHC

      When Amy Ledvina’s daughter, Maeve, presented with a high fever at 5 days old after a typical pregnancy and birth, she and her husband grew concerned. After a trip to their local hospital, they were transported to Lurie Children’s in Chicago, where Maeve’s condition grew much worse. She suffered sev... Read More about Ledvina Family

    • The Cartwright Family Family overlay

      The Cartwright Family


      Our Support Network at RMHC

      Having recently relocated to a new home after their previous home had been destroyed by a fire, the Cartwright family faced yet another hardship— seven-year-old Jordan was diagnosed with leukemia. Jordan had to be medevaced to Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, many miles from home, to battle... Read More about The Cartwright Family

    • the Sollars Family Family overlay

      the Sollars Family


      Mia’s treatments take her far from home

      Mia Sollars suffered a stroke in utero, and at six months old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Cindi and Brad wanted to make sure Mia would get the absolute best care, so they chose Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, despite living 120 miles away.  At first, Cindi rented an apartment in... Read More about the Sollars Family

    • The Munoz Family Family overlay

      The Munoz Family


      Your small change makes a difference

      Spare change dropped in RMHC Donation Boxes at McDonald’s restaurants can make a huge difference to families with sick kids.  Recently, because donations gave two Texas children and their family access to the medical care they needed, they were also able to share an experience of a lifetime together... Read More about The Munoz Family

    • The Mylander Family Family overlay

      The Mylander Family


      Three generations celebrate Mother’s Day at the Ronald McDonald House

      Sherri Mylander’s mom, Sandy Bernier, travels from Escanaba, Mich., to Greer, S.C., each year to visit Sherri and her family. But it has been 30 years since the mother and daughter celebrated Mother’s Day together. That will change on Sunday, when they and Mylander’s 16-year-old daughter, Gabrielle ... Read More about The Mylander Family

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