We are all experiencing challenges these days, but imagine if you were a family with a sick or hospitalized child. As Chance McKinney, CMT award-winning songwriter and performer, shared with us when talking about his family, “The things we think are important in daily life are nothing when it comes to your child’s health.”

When the McKinney’s youngest child, Steele, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Chance and Lisa McKinney found that the services provided by RMHC, just steps away from Steele’s bedside, were important to their ability to cope and be strong for Steele. The McKinney’s were able to take showers, do laundry, and even eat an occasional meal in the Ronald McDonald Family Room inside the hospital.

“To have those services there was just remarkable,” continued Lisa. 

“It’s one of the few places of normalcy in the hospital, Chance said. “You walk in there and you can tell people use it as a refuge.”

With RMHC volunteer activities suspended and fundraising events postponed or rescheduled, most of the 260+ RMHC Chapters around the world are in urgent need of support to continue to provide care and resources and refuge to their communities and families who need them. Families like the McKinney Family. 

That is why they are participating in the #CardChallenge. You can join them in helping us meet our goal of raising $3 million for the RMHC Chapter Emergency Response Fund. It’s easy to get started!
1.    Build a card house. 
2.    Post a photo or video to social media using #CardChallenge.
3.    Challenge three friends or family members to "Build It Bigger Or Donate."
4.    Don’t want to participate, but still want to help? You can make a contribution to the Chapter Emergency Response Fund

We believe we all get better together. And if we can’t be together, we can still work together to help the RMHC system continue to provide compassionate care and resources in their communities.