In this season of giving, you can support families with sick children through the national fundraiser for RMHC at McDonald’s restaurants. This year’s fundraiser isn’t just about helping families with sick children, but also about helping every family, even their small children, celebrate the joy of giving.
When a child is sick and requires care far from home, families are faced with many unknowns. Enter Ronald McDonald House Charities—to help keep families with sick children together and near the care and resources they need. You can help RMHC in making this possible. 
At any participating McDonald’s through December 9, 2018, you can support RMHC by purchasing a RMHC donation card through $1, $3, or $5 donations. These small, affordable amounts have tangible value for RMHC Chapters across the United States. Value such as: 
  • $1 could provide coloring books for kids staying at Ronald McDonald House. 
  • $3 could provide the same art supplies a child has at home for a Ronald McDonald House playroom. 
  • $5 could mean a new game for Ronald McDonald House families to play together. 
When you make a donation, a donation card is displayed on the wall of that local restaurant. For children, having their generosity publicly recognized is a powerful motivator. The national fundraiser for RMHC is a great opportunity for parents to celebrate and discuss the importance of giving back with their children. 
“RMHC programs provide support to millions of children and their families around the world each year,” said Sheila Musolino, President and Chief Executive Officer, RMHC. “The McDonald’s National Fundraiser benefitting RMHC provides individual donors an opportunity to make a significant impact on our mission and help families with sick children.” RMHC is grateful to McDonald’s for bringing this opportunity to celebrate generosity to all families nationwide during this season of giving. 
Show your support by visiting your local McDonald’s through December 9th or donate to RMHC online at