For many families like the Burrell family, Ronald McDonald Houses are a space to sleep, eat and recharge—giving them energy and strength to fight alongside their sick child. 

“The House took this huge weight off our shoulders. It allowed us to be together and focus on Piper’s health.”—Lindsay Burrell

Did you know that RMHC sustainability efforts help to ensure that families experience the RMHC mission while allowing donor dollars to go further? Check out a few ways that RMHC is enhancing our mission while doing our part to care for the Earth.  

Sustainable Design
100% new RMHC construction since 2015 incorporates sustainable design features, including this LEED Certified Ronald McDonald House in Perth, Australia. 

Water Efficiency
The RMHC system is well on the way to our goal of improving water efficiency by 20%. The prairie garden at the Ronald McDonald House in Oak Lawn, Illinois improves water quality and requires little water to maintain.

Energy Efficiency
The RMHC system has set a goal of improving energy efficiency by 20% by 2020 and has already achieved a 13% increase in energy efficiency system-wide! The Ronald McDonald House in Montreal, Quebec has a 16-panel solar thermal system, which uses the power of the sun to heat the House’s water, thus keeping energy use low. 

Waste Management
86% of Ronald McDonald House programs have waste management programs in place and we are on track to reach our goal of 100% by 2020. The Ronald McDonald House in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan minimizes food waste through careful meal-planning and any left-over ingredients are used in subsequent meals or made available in the community pantry.