Today, you can give a family with a sick child a gift they truly need. 
Today is Giving Tuesday. And the donation you make now is more precious than you could know.  Your support today means that when a sick child wakes, his mom can be there to hold his hand. Dad can be there to give his little girl a good-night hug. Brothers and sisters can be nearby and tease, play and do the things families do. Being together is the ultimate way to make that child feel loved. 

"Donors who have supported our stay at the House have given the most beautiful gift — the gift of togetherness. From this one gift, has come so much more for my family — peace, comfort, joy, courage and strength. I cannot think of anything more important than being by my son’s side to help him fight, to comfort him and to celebrate those special moments and small victories."- Rachel Jolivard

Donate today to help keep families together when they need it most.