Mia Sollars suffered a stroke in utero, and at six months old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Cindi and Brad wanted to make sure Mia would get the absolute best care, so they chose Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, despite living 120 miles away. 
At first, Cindi rented an apartment in Chicago for herself and her three youngest children while Mia received treatment. “It was quite a financial stretch for us, but we have always been very committed to getting the best care for Mia,” explained Cindi.
Five years ago when the Ronald McDonald House opened, the family began staying there every time Mia needed treatment, surgeries or check-ups.  
“The staff is warm and caring and everyone is so compassionate that we just felt an instant sense of peace...like it was going to be okay,” said Cindi.  “When we first walked into our room I couldn’t believe the accommodations. There was enough space for all of us. There were enough beds for each of my kids. Just a huge burden lifted. Just one more thing I didn’t have to worry about.” 
Cindi and Brad were able to focus on Mia and their family with the support of the House.  Help families receive the treatment and support they need – no matter how far they have to travel - by donating today.