Having recently relocated to a new home after their previous home had been destroyed by a fire, the Cartwright family faced yet another hardship— seven-year-old Jordan was diagnosed with leukemia. Jordan had to be medevaced to Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, many miles from home, to battle the leukemia.

The cost of living in a new city became a burden for the family of five. Luckily, RMHC of Northern Alberta was able to accommodate Robyn and Scott and their three children, Jordan, Isabelle, and Hope.

“We walked into RMHCNA and it was overwhelmingly beautiful. We sat down with other couples staying at the House and it felt like home,” Jordan’s father, Scott, recalled. Unlike when they’d had to stay in hotels, the House provided the children with the space and freedom to run, play, and laugh as they pleased. Not only did they find a place for their children to be themselves, but the Cartwrights also found a group of people to help and support them at a time when they needed it most.

“Our son’s illness felt like a nightmare for us. When we woke up, there were hundreds of people ready to support us,” explained Scott.