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    We are thrilled you’ve decided to join our family. Today, you have joined a global movement that enables families to focus on what’s most important – their sick child – while we take care of the rest!

    Your friends at Ronald McDonald House Charities

    RMHC Remarkable Impact Grants

    Thank you AbbVie for keeping even more families together at RMHC

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    Ronald McDonald House of Delaware

    Multi-Sensory Support Program
    The Chapter will build a sensory-friendly space to provide better support for children with sensory processing and autism spectrum disorders and their families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. The Chapter will work with hospital staff to determine the type of equipment for the room and with Autism Delaware to provide training and educational resources for Chapter staff and volunteers.

    RMHC of Rochester, NY

    Expanding Our Reach: The Mental Health & Wellness Initiative
    The Chapter will expand its current Mental Health & Wellness Initiative by creating a Day Pass program for families seeking care at the University of Rochester’s Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program and expand access to overnight stays at its two House programs.

    RMHC of the Ohio Valley

    A Play space for All: Sensory Room
    The Chapter will incorporate the construction of a sensory room into their new 16-bedroom Ronald McDonald House located next to Riley Children’s Hospital Clinic at Deaconess Gateway Hospital in Newburgh, IN and will work with hospital staff to incorporate in-House therapeutic programs for this unique population.

    RMHC of El Paso

    Resources at Your Fingertips!
    To ensure guest families who do not speak English or have access to cell phones or other technologies can find the resources they need, the Chapter is purchasing 16 iPads and equipping them with a custom House app and other mobile applications such as a social services directory, food bank directory, maps, and language translator. The Chapter will work closely with their local service provider, businesses and other community organizations to facilitate access to services and deepen its volunteer engagement, as volunteers will educate guest families on how to use the iPads and their applications.

    RMHC of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana (RMHC-CNI)

    RMHC-CNI and the Family Institute at Northwestern University: Benefiting Families in Need
    The Chapter will partner with the Family Institute at Northwestern University to offer postpartum support groups and counseling services to postpartum mothers of infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Lurie Children’s Hospital. Chapter staff will also receive skills-based training to better equip them on how to support the unique needs of these guest families.


    RMHC of Oregon & SW Washington

    South Waterfront Meals from the Heart Expansion
    The Chapter will upgrade and right size meal programs at their new Ronal McDonald House to meet the needs of a significantly larger family population by hiring a meal program coordinator, increase family and volunteer participation, and focus on nutrition meals that enhance guest experience. Meals from the Heart will also develop a cookbook with common House recipes, and develop a training video for meal groups and volunteers.

    RMHC of Kansas City

    Project GROW
    Project GROW integrates a carefully planned serenity garden into the Chapter's wellness program to enhance the support of emotional and physical needs of families. Improvements in neighborhood greenspace including a walking path, rooftop pavilion, additional seating, parking, and new trees and shrubs will be some of the structural elements.

    RMHC of San Diego

    Family Care Center Meals Program Improvements
    This grant will support significant improvements to dining, kitchen, and other family spaces through improved ascetics, comfort, layout, new room dividers and furnishings. The improvements in the Chapter's meal program will also enhance both family and volunteer experiences, provide meals for over 12,000 day-use visitors, and ultimately serve more than 125,000 meals each year.

    RMHC of Siouxland

    RMHC Family Lunch Program
    In 2018, the RMHC Family Lunch Program provided 2,000 hearty and healthy, bagged lunches to families while they were at the hospital with their child during the day. This grant will allow the Chapter to expand the program and provide bagged lunches, decorated by local school students, from three to seven days per week.

    RMHC of Rochester, MN

    Keeping' It Fresh: Food Co-Op
    This grant will support the renovation of existing space for a food co-op for children and families to "shop" for fresh food, dairy and more - free of charge! The co-op compliments their regular volunteer driven meal program by providing locally sourced food items with healthy options for guest families and families currently on the waiting list to stay at the House.

    RMHC of Central Ohio

    Keeping Families Fed
    Keeping Families Fed will enhance the existing meal program by providing chef-directed "meal-kits" that volunteers and families will use to help prepare high quality foods to families. Families will also have access to the chef to help educate them on healthy recipes as well as health-supportive recipes so they can prepare their own custom meals.

    Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth

    Meals from the Heart Program Expansion
    The Ronald McDonald House in Fort Worth has a robust meal program, with volunteers providing meals 683 times in 2018, or almost twice a day. A Meals from the Heart paid staff coordinator will manage this vital program of the House; they will work with the volunteer groups to select and prepare healthy meals, reduce food waste, and ensure that all food and safety standards are met.

    RMHC of New Mexico

    Family Self Care
    The Chapter will create spaces that make this programming possible: a meditation garden, outdoor physical activity elements, remodel a room into a spa services area, and purchase supplies for massage and art therapy. The goal of this project is to create the spaces where these self-care programming can occur, and to recruit and engage community volunteers, with expertise in the areas of service, to actually lead the programs.

    RMHC of Corpus Christi

    Cocina & Culture
    Families staying at the Ronald McDonald House Corpus Christi often request that nights are left open for the families themselves to cook meals from their own Hispanic culture, where it is common for multiple families to pool their food together to cook a “family feast” for the entire House. The program will provide fresh veggies and produce with the cultures of the families in mind, a fully stocked refrigerator and pantry, and access to foods that they are accustomed to preparing.

    RMHC of Northern California

    Expansion of Family Meals Program: Phase 1, Kitchen Renovation
    With the renovation and expansion of the staff kitchen to commercial grade, the Chapter will work with area universities food and nutrition programs to create internship opportunities to work with the meal groups to supervise and prepare a variety of meals for the families on a more consistent basis. The program would take the burden off volunteer groups to plan the menu, shop, and deliver the food for the meal; volunteers would come prepared to cook for our families with the help and supervision of a food service intern.

    RMHC of Southern West Virginia

    Healthier Together: A health and wellness initiative
    The population of West Virginia ranks among the worst health in the nation -- adult obesity rate is 35.1%, the diabetes rate is 15.2%, hypertension is 43.5%, and spiking heart disease rates. The key focus of the project will offer an opportunity for parents to learn about and practice healthy lifestyle choices, both in eating and exercising, during their stay and after they go home.

    RMHC of Arkansas

    Fresh and Frugal Program
    87% of RMHC Arkansas families live at or below the federal poverty line, and 90% come from Arkansas, where the state ranks near the bottom of every poverty indicator; including obesity and food insecurity. Most families do not know the critical role nutrition plays in overall wellness for their family and the healing process for their ill child. The goal of the program is to teach families how to create healthy, low-cost meals, often using fresh ingredients available through the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and Arkansas Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

    RMHC of Puerto Rico

    From Idleness to Action: Establishing a Holistic Wellness Program
    RMHC Puerto Rico’s support is focused primarily on NICU families. Many of these families and caregivers spend endless hours and days at the hospital inactive and often times eating unhealthy foods. The Chapter is responding to an unmet need and will expand the common areas of the House in order to offer expanded programming to reduce stress and increase physical activity in and around the community.


    RMHC of the Bluegrass

    From Our House to Their Home: Caring for Our Guest Families After their Stay
    The project will provide 400 “House to Home Kits” for families returning home to economically challenging circumstances. The kits will ease their transition back to an environment very much different than what was experienced in the House and include items like gas gift cards; grocery gift cards; shelf stable meals; water; toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and oral health educational materials.

    RMHC of Southern California

    Family Support Services: Continuum of Care
    The project will help the Chapter remain in continual contact with families by establishing Family Support Services Support Groups – these will meet quarterly – that will provide families a safe and comforting space for discussing their unique but shared challenges. In addition, the grant will establish new family sessions at the Chapter’s “Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times”.

    Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland in partnership with RMHC of Pittsburgh & Morgantown

    Expansion of the Ronald McDonald Family Resource Link
    The project will expand the geographic scope of social services information available for families on the website. Thanks to the grant, resource listings for 47 new counties in West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and southeastern Ohio will be added to the site.


    RMHC of the Intermountain Area

    RMHC Wellness Hospitality Program
    This Wellness Hospitality initiative is a qualitative program expansion to create lasting impact for pediatric patient families and offer practical support to meet basic needs --- relieve financial burdens, provide hospital activities to give families memorable moments and joyful distraction to relieve stress while at the Ronald McDonald House.

    RMHC, Upper Midwest

    Expanded Children’s Programming (at RMHC – UM)
    With an increase in occupancy at the Ronald McDonald House and census growing at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s hospital. In 2018/2019 the Chapter committed to and invested in programming providing structured educational and recreational activities when class is done at the Ronald McDonald House in-house school; and when school is not in session during the summer. The chapter is creating memories and offering families programming that is often not available in their urban communities.

    RMHC of Tampa Bay

    Expanding Family Services in Tampa
    The Chapter’s referring hospital in Tampa is growing and in need of greater family support. This phase of support is to launch a Day Usage program at the Tampa House. The Chapter will offer education, activities and wellness programming to outpatient families as well as those waiting for a guestroom. This allows the Chapter to say “yes “to families in need of support and respite even when a room is not available.

    RMHC of Arkoma

    First Year
    The partner hospital is focused on clinical care for the NICU babies; and these families need so much more during and after their stay. RMHC of Arkoma stepped in to develop First Year. First Year is a family centered approach to caring for the NICU family focused on opportunities to connect with other families, increase education about their NICU child and what to expect during the babies first year.

    RMHC of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts

    Family Resource Center
    The House in New Haven currently does not have a dedicated space for children to do homework, parents to work and/or research their child’s diagnosis. Therefore, the Chapter will develop a Family Resource Center for both overnight and day usage families to encourage respite and quiet space to reflect. They will engage the community to develop the space, source the most up-to-date and relevant educational materials and offer hospitality through their volunteers.


    Ronald McDonald House of Eastern North Carolina at Greenville

    Family Services
    The Family Services program will help families cope with emotional challenges related to caring for a sick child both in the hospital and after the child returns home. This program is a multi-tiered approach to provide family activities including self-care, sibling support, grief and bereavement support, mobile in-House communications and resources post the families’ stay at the Ronald McDonald House.


    RMHC in Omaha

    Enriching Lives for Remarkable Futures
    When children are diagnosed with an illness necessitating families to pack up and travel to receive treatment, they leave behind more than physical houses - they leave their schools, their communities, and their support systems. The Chapter will partner with a local non-profit, Completely KIDS, to provide academic enhancement and social empowerment activities to children and their family staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

    RMHC Bay Area

    Innovating Education & Child Enrichment: Maker Therapy & Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM)
    The grant will help to will help with essential program and staffing cost and accelerate the Chapters ability to address the unmet educational needs of psychosocially-socially distressed children in their care by providing as well as increase at risk children’s interest in and competencies in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Their new school, day camps and daily enrichment activities will help them pilot the STEAM program. The Chapter has also created a one-of-a-kind Makerspace, which is a hands-on family centered and centered space (leaning lab).

    RMHC Remarkable Impact Grants Press Release (PDF 231KB)

    Media for AbbVie:

    Mary Kathryn Steel
    +1 (224) 440-6552

    Media for RMHC:

    Kristin Hylek
    +1 (773) 547-1018


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      Ledvina Family


      The Reason I Run for Team RMHC

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      The Cartwright Family


      Our Support Network at RMHC

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      Your small change makes a difference

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      Three generations celebrate Mother’s Day at the Ronald McDonald House

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