Amos Family

The Mering Family

When 10-year-old Amos was diagnosed with bone cancer, his parents were determined to get him the best care possible— so much so, that they traveled over 1,000 miles from their rural Malaysian home to get the treatment he needed. Thankfully, they were able to stay at a Ronald McDonald House near the hospital so they didn’t have to worry about how they would afford to stay close to Amos when he needed them most.

Research confirms that families who travel some distance to access medical care for their sick child have greater accommodation needs and financial burdens. Ronald McDonald House programs help support a family’s ability to stay together and reduce their anxiety.

During their stay, COVID-19 rates were spiking across Malaysia, especially in Amos’s hometown. Additionally, his cancer treatment made his immune system very vulnerable and after treatment it wasn’t safe for Amos or his family him to return home right away. The family worried again about where they would stay once Amos’s medical treatment had ended, but there was hope. The family was able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House until it was safe to make the long journey home.

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, RMHC strives to ensure that families like Amos’s are always able to find comfort being together, when they need it.

This holiday season, a gift to RMHC can give even more families hope for the new year. Gifts to RMHC can mean access to the best possible medical care even when it’s far from a family’s home. Or relief from financial burdens, like food and hotel and expenses for families already undergoing great emotional stress. A gift to RMHC could help provide support and compassion from staff, volunteers, and other families going through similar situations.

Providing these tenants of hope is the heart of the work of RMHC and we couldn’t do it without our generous donors and supporters.